This tape among others I have acquired from friends through the years...

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  1. I’ve listened through the recording. It’s a compilation of what sounds like different performers and various occasions, spanning the Moadim from Elul until the Omer period, but it’s not strictly chronoligal. These are the tunes:
    1. Hotzoas Sefer Torah (Ausheben)
    2. B’Motzoei M’nuchah (first day of Selichos)
    3. Alsatian/Swiss (?) tune for Moron D’viShmayo (Selichos)
    4. Viduy
    5. Hachnosas Sefer Torah (Einheben)
    6. Aleinu
    7. Hayom Haras Olom (Rosh Hashanah)
    8. Selichos
    9. Hotzoas Sefer Torah (Ausheben) for Yom Tov
    10. V’hi Tehillosecha (Piyut for Yom Kippur Mussaf)
    11. V’chach Hoyo Moneh (Yom Kippur Mussaf)
    12 & 13. Some more Piyutim for Yom Kippur
    14. Hoshanos
    15. Jahreskaddisch for Simchas Torah – notice how everybody is singing along for the Eli Tziyon part
    16. Some more Hoshanos
    17. Asher Biglal Ovos (Simchas Torah)
    18. Unidentified tune without lyrics
    19. Some more Selichos
    18. Lecho Dodi for Sefiras HaOmer
    19. Or Ponecho (Krovos for Parshas Shekolim)
    20. Hodu Lashem (Hallel) for Pesach (Shir Hamaalos tune)
    21. Kiddush for Yom Tov (Pesach)
    22. Some more Lecho Dodi for Sefiras HaOmer
    23. “Shiroh Chadoshoh” possibly from a tune for Yom LeYabashah (Shachris of a day with a Bris)
    24. Some more Hachnosas Sefer Torah (Einheben)

    I’d venture to say that at least part of the performers are from Zurich based on the particular accent. Other bits sound like they may have been performed by someone from FFAM.

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