Welcome to our website. This is where we want to share recordings of the type of music and nusach that appeals to those who have an affection for Western European chazanus, choirs, and nusach (cantillations and chants).

The collections will include various choir performances and personal recordings from among the general public; by people who have decided to record their personal traditions for prosterity. 

If you would like to contribute recordings of your family’s Shabbos Zemiros (or other musical traditions) please reach out to us via the contact page or at [email protected] . 

Further, if you are a musician and would like to volunteer to bring neglected sheet music to life – you can be an important part of this project. 

Finally, if you would like to contribute towards our ultimate goal of bringing rare or forgotten tunes to light by having them properly orchestrated you can find us at the following link:


Happy Listening!