Used in some communities for the months in which the Yeshivah students return to Yeshivah. It is referred to as "Niggun Rashi V'Tosafos". In KAJ the tune for the Shir HaMaalos at the Shabbos table is used for Cheshvan, since it has no Yom Tov other than Shabbos. Iyar has the Sefira tune. Other communities did not have a dedicated Sefira tune for Iyar (but used the Bein Hametzorim tune) and used this for Iyar as well. Possibly the voice of A. Aumaan of Beitar singing here. A version of this is also available at KAYJ.net - under special occasions tab. A friend suggests the tune might be documented in the book, "Der Frankfurter Kantor"- available online: https://sammlungen.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/judaicaffm/content/titleinfo/1934623

Also read here: https://hatam-soferet.livejournal.com/554165.html

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