When my father retired from the KAJ choir there was a breakfast. At the end he asked that the choir join him in singing what is the "signature" Shir Hamaalos of German Jews at festive meals.

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  1. The German jews had many other tunes too.
    This tune was used by those who were not musically inclined. The ones that were gifted by hashem with a good voice and ear many others

  2. This is the moving I grew up with in Washington Heights in the late. 1950s and sixties. My parents came from Germany in 1937. I left the heights in 1966 to go to grad school. Lived in Binghamton, College Park, Lansing, and eventually settled in Southfield, Mich. I’ve been exposed to at least a dozen other Melodie’s. I finally
    found my original nigun while browsing the internet,

  3. C est le nigoun d,Alsace et de lorraine
    Avec les 2 pessoukim ajoites au psaume tequilas….
    כל הכבוד לכם
    Andre STORA
    נא ליראות

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