Moshe Neumann - choirmaster, conductor, composer. Born June 12, 1894 in the Bavarian Schölkrippen (German Empire). In 1903-1907 he studied at the cheder in Fürth, in 1907-1911 at the Talmud Torah in Burgpreppach, and in 1911-1915 at the conservatory and university in Würzburg. In 1915-1918 - a soldier on the fronts of the First World War. In 1918-1938 he was a music teacher in Frankfurt am Main and conductor of the choir of the local synagogue "Adas Yeshurun / Israelitische Religionsgesellschaft". In 1938 he fled from the Nazis to France, hiding in Paris, Avignon, Nice and Lyon. In 1948 he returned to Frankfurt am Main.

From an extensive website of Jewish Liturgical music assembled in the USSR, this is one of three recordings under the direction of Mr. Max Neumann, the last choir director in the Adas Jeschurun shul in Frankfurt AM. After the war, he settled again in Germany and continued to lead choirs. The biography below from that website http://yiddishmusic.jewniverse.info/neumannmax/index.html

Special thanks to my friend Z. Edinger for alerting me to the existence of these recordings.

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