This is from the CD “Uleshoneinu Rinah” put out close to 2 years ago by three Danes who made Aliyah. Ralph Levitan was the real dynamo behind the whole production. He lives in Raanana. And with him were Ino Schwartz ז”ל (the guy singing the lows) and יבדל”א Paul Melchior. I do not have permission to post this, but since it is out of print, and this website is for those committed to learning, I took the liberty. Enjoy

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  1. I used to have this CD. Don’t know what happened to it when I moved. I was in contact with a Mr. Melchior I believe and we traded music. I sent him the shir hamaalos for the whole year of my father plus maybe some other tapes for his shir hamaalos cd

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